Erwin Lian | 連承志

(Prints can be found on Society 6)

My main body of work comprises watercolor paintings completed on-site, painted directly on the medium, without drafting lines. This straight forward approach forces me to rapidly internalize the essence of my subject and facilitated capturing the mood and atmosphere of a fleeting moment.

The interplay between light and form is what draws my attention and inspires me to render an impression of what is in front of me. Painting on-site also requires mastery over the design of shapes, colors, and values that go into a painting; extracting the essence, while at the same time discarding anything unnecessary. Challenged by changing light and weather conditions, I am further spurred to be decisive by the rapidly drying watercolor washes. Paradoxically, the challenges of painting on-site detach me from the stress and anxieties of my urban life. - I am thus at peace whenever I paint.

I primarily paint alone and my subjects are principally landscapes that are free from human figures. This isolation liberates me from the mental state needed for collective decisions and allows me to make very personal decisions about mark-making. My paintings are deeply influenced by the Impressionists, as I integrate their understanding of color theory; into my designs in order to project a sense of vibrancy. Through my work, I hope that audiences can be transported to the state of peace that I experience when I am painting


Summary of Performances 2015
• Successfully crowd-sourced and raised more than USD$100,000 for The Perfect Sketchbook Pocket and B5
• Artist in residency at Akiyoshidai International Art Village, Japan (Dec 12 –Dec 27 2015)
• Associate lecturer award, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

•Master of Arts in Design Development, The Ohio State University, 2009
•Bachelors of Fine Arts in Media Studies, Columbus College of Art & Design, 2004
(Summa Cum Laude)

Grants and Awards :
•(2015) Associate lecturer teaching award, Ngee Ann Polytechnic- Singapore.
•(2013) Master Class Scholarship- New York Academy of Art, New York City
•(2008) Graduate Associateship at the Ohio State University- Columbus, Ohio.
•(2004) Charles & Lucille King Family Foundation Scholarship- New York City.
•(2001-2004) President’s List- Columbus College of Art and Design - Columbus.
•(2003) The Chris Awards -honorable mention in student category - Columbus.
(2002-2003) W. K. Kellogg Foundation Award - New York City
•(2003) The Roger C. Perry Scholarship - Columbus, Ohio.
•(2003) Media Education Scheme Awards –Singapore’s Media Development Authority –Singapore
•(2001) Singapore Film Commission Film Bursary Award – Singapore

Artist in residency
Dec 2015 - Akiyoshidai International Art Village.