My Perfect Sketches
My Perfect Sketches

I wanted to embark on a pan-America painting trip. You know - build my own camper van, live on electricity generated from solar panels, and most importantly - staying a little off the grid to paint my heart out. Though I previously lived in America for close to a decade, this dream was never fulfilled and it is becoming more distant as time goes by.

Recently, I decided to take action and contacted corporations, art foundations and various other organizations for sponsorship. Unfortunately, none of the companies that I contacted could envision the potential of my trip, and all declined to offer assistance.

At the brink of giving up, my collaborator from a previous project, Bynd Artisan, sent me a prototype of the finest watercolor sketchbook that I have designed. I thought about doing what I can with what I have, and decided to paint the places that I could have visited and painted if I could have gone on this dream road trip.

Every Artist has within them a desire to fill their sketchbook with only perfect sketches.
These are my Perfect Sketches.

It took me more than a month to complete this entire sketchbook. Prints of these painting can be found on my society 6 page at

All net proceeds from these prints goes towards funding my dream road-trip.